Chief Operating Officer: Helga Busing-Volschenk

Helga Busing-Volschenk has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer for the Business School of Excellence, a subsidiary of Open Learning Holdings, effective 01June 2011. She was born in Namibia and moved back to her country of birth after working in South Africa for some time, to look after local and international clients. She was previously employed as General Manager for New Business at Profmed Medical Scheme, a position she held since 2008. Helga has also worked for Prosperity Health Africa in South Africa as Executive Operations Manager for East Africa and has travelled extensively to this part of the world. Her experience includes people management, new business development, and an in-depth knowledge of budget control.

Academic Head: Dr Laetitia Kotzé

Dr Laetitia Kotzé joined the Business School of Excellence in Namibia as Academic Head in March 2010. She started her career as a teacher and school psychologist but has also held the position of Senior Lecturer at the College of Education for Further Training (CEFT) in Pretoria. She was Head of the Department of Education at the Windhoek College and has also fulfilled the roles of lecturer and moderator for the University of Namibia. She holds a Doctorate in Education from UNISA and would like to continue with her Law Degree (LLB) once time allows.