Teachers Must Set a Super Example

ONGWEDIVA - The Chief Inspector of Education in Omusati Region Laban Shapange has urged teachers to reframe from ill deeds that would tarnish their careers and social wellbeing.

In his speech read by the Education Officer in Omusati Region, Martha Amutenya, during the teachers’ conference held recently in Okalongo, Shapange said some practices by teachers are not only damaging to the teaching profession, their personal image and wellbeing, but are also causing harm to families. He singled out drugs and alcohol abuse and the inability to manage personal finances that lead to teachers making use of cash loans because of indebtedness, as well as the trend of unplanned resignations due to peer pressure.

Shapange further urged teachers to reframe from unlawful practices that are also against the education policy such as administering corporal punishment at schools, and ignorance or undermining of the ministry's directives, policies and regulations as well as indulging in romantic relationships with learners.

"I wish to remind you colleagues that some things may look simple but they can be very serious and they are against the teacher's code of conduct," he said.

Shapange also cautioned underperforming teachers at above average schools who want to take credit on the basis of overall school results, while there are learners who did not perform well in specific subjects. He said school performances should be a collective effort and all teachers should make a contribition.

"We need to join hands in unity and move in one direction. The time to do away with push and pull is now – let us continue supporting each other," said Shapange.

Shapange further urged teachers to take pride in their profession, explore and exhaust their potential to be role models, to avoid stereotyping learners and parents, to be positive, to respect authority and to avoid gossip, tribalism, laziness and fabrication of marks.


  • Source: The New Era (Click here to access the original article)
  • Author: Helvy Shaanika