eVision is a sophisticated, web-based student administration system that holds all confidential and auditable data. The student administration system can be utilised to manage thousands of assignments and examination papers, where receipt and dispatch of all documentation is tracked and monitored. The system has the capacity to process large volumes of information and can be scaled and tailored for different needs.


It records data such as:

  • Biographical data required by regulatory bodies for reporting purposes.
  • Programme data including units and modules. The programmes are created as per the set requirements.
  • Documents: All students are required to complete application forms and provide copies of their previous qualifications (if required) and IDs. All these documents are scanned into our system and can be viewed by any user with access to this component on eVision.
  • Telephone conversations: Calls made to our call centre are all recorded and any individual’s call can be recorded and placed on his/her record for future reference.
  • SMS communications: SMSes are used as a communication tool and are sent to students upon registration. Similarly SMSes can be sent in bulk or to an individual at any time. The message, date and time is recorded for reference purposes.
  • Dispatch information: The system is linked to a distribution centre. Once a student is registered, an electronic picking list is sent to the centre for the packing of study material. Once the material is sent to the student an SMS is sent and the tracking number is updated on the eVision system.
  • Attendance records per class – i.e. the site, dates and times of the classes are recorded.
  • Assignments, examinations and any other form of assessment can be recorded and weighted if necessary.
  • Examination results.


  • Cater to any educational programme;
  • Support the student’s life cycle in integrated fashion (from end-to-end);
  • Customise the reports drawn; and
  • Integrate with other software.