Design Assessment Instruments

Design Assessment Instrument


NQF Level 4

US ID 0338

Credits 5 

NQF Level 5

US ID 0339

Credits 10

NQF Level 5

US ID 0440

Credits 10






This programme covers the three Namibian accredited Unit Standards, ID338 Design formative assessment tasks based on the requirements of unit standards, ID339 Design summative assessments based on unit standards, and ID340 Design summative assessments based on standards. As a result of the fact that there are many overlaps between the three Unit Standards, they are best presented in an integrated format with final assessment being conducted in an integrated manner.

This programme is intended for persons who are responsible for the design of assessment activities and associated documentation for formative and summative assessments, where assessment decisions are based on documented standards. People credited with the included unit standard will be able to identify the key factors shaping the development of assessment material, design assessment activities, design broad guidance related to the conduct of an assessment, and obtain approval for assessment materials.

The programme aims to provide knowledge and build competencies required to design formative and summative assessments based on the requirements of unit standards. It covers knowledge of the use of unit standards and diverse types of evidence in assessment; the identification of the key factors that shape the development of formative and summative assessment instruments; the design of broad guidance related to the conduct of assessments; and the process involved in gaining approval for the assessment materials.

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Mode of Delivery and Duration

The programme is offered over a period of five (5) days. Delivery includes facilitation of two (2) days incorporated into the practical application of the skill on the job. Coaching and mentoring and practical assessments are conducted whilst the learners are integrated into functional areas in the workplace with defined roles, goals and responsibilities.

Assessment and Moderation

Knowledge assessments are conducted in the classroom under assessment conditions. Assignments and workplace documentation complement practical observations in the workplace environment. Some of the practical observations can be conducted in simulated environments. The assessments are designed in a way that integrate activities, thus demonstrating the learner’s competence against the outcomes and purpose of the programme on an integrated basis.

Minimum evidence requirements for this unit standard are the design of assessment activities and associated materials relevant to two standards with a total learning and/or performance demand of 6 NQF credits or equivalent. The assessment materials must contain at least three different and valid assessment methods which may be spread across the two standards.

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