The Business School of Excellence (BSE) has been providing quality learning programmes to Namibians for 12 years now. Our focus has always been to provide quality education programmes and qualifications so that students can utilise the skills they have learned in either an academic or business environment.

The BSE is offering the Namibians an international alternative to the Grade 12 through the GED® which is provided on a part-time basis through an online delivery platform. The NQA has equated the GED® as the equivalent to the Grade 12 and students can apply for an international equivalency certificate on completion.

For students who are leaving school and contemplating their next steps, this will be an ideal option to consider that will provide you with options to advance your academic career at universities and colleges in Namibia or abroad. With only four subjects to pass, students are able to complete this international qualification in 12 months or less.

The GED® is not new to Namibia and there have been a number of students who have successfully completed the qualification and have been accepted by our universities to study further.

You can start your GED® at any time of the year and write your exams at times that suit you. No more cramming for exams! Take your exam one at a time as you have mastered the content. We’ll give you many opportunities for practice assessments that will test your knowledge as you work through the course and you can sit a practice test that will tell you whether you are ready for the exams.

All content is provided in a modern online environment that captures your attention and gives you practical, everyday examples on how to apply your knowledge. Never be bored and stay engaged. There is no need to purchase any additional material – all you need is online. If you feel the need for a little extra help, online tutors can be booked, but generally this is not required.

Call our offices for additional information or come in for a discussion so that we can provide you with a demo on how it works.

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