GED® Grade 12 Qualification


The GED® international testing programme makes it possible to earn the equivalent of a secondary school leaving certificate to facilitate employment or entry to further studies. Created in 1942 in the US as a second chance opportunity, today, more than 20 million people have passed the GED® test and gained access to universities and colleges world-wide.

Admission Requirements

There are no specific entrance requirements to enrol on this course. It is however recommended that learners have a good grasp of the English language and understanding of Mathematics on at least a Grade 10 level. It should be noted that learners will need to be 17 years of age to be able to register for the examinations.

Mode of Delivery

The GED® is an online course. Learners will need to have a computer or tablet with access to the Internet in order to complete this qualification. The learning content is provided online. The online content includes lessons, practice tests and progress reports. An initial assessment analyses the knowledge and skill level when the learner starts and using this information a personal learning path is produced.

Examinations are also presented online and these learners will complete these exams at the exam centre in Windhoek. There are four exams that needs to be passed to obtain the GED® qualification.


The GED® learning content is licensed for learners to use for 365 days. Many learners complete the course within a 12-month period, although students have been known to finish quicker than a year. Examinations can be written at any time during the year.

Career Opportunities

Learners who complete the GED® will be able to apply to universities and colleges in Namibia. The qualification has been evaluated by the NQA and is deemed as equivalent to an NQF Level 4. Once the learner has completed the GED®, they will be encouraged to apply to the NQA for the international equivalent certificate. For employment opportunities, leaners may need to provide them with the NQA certificate.

Programme Modules

There are 4 subjects that need to be passed in order to obtain the GED® and these include:

  • Reasoning Through Language Art
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Science
  • Social Studies





Student Success Stories

Christiaan de Klerk

Even though I am Afrikaans speaking, I found the English in the GED® programme easy to understand. Wanting to complete my Grade 12 as soon as possible, my friends urged me to enrol for GED®. The online learning materials provided by the GED® were sufficient and completing the Practical Tests of Essential Education prepared me to complete the GED® within a year. The NQA evaluated the GED® qualification on NQF Level 4 and I was accepted at the International University of Management for a Level 7 degree as a part-time student. I was employed immediately after completing the GED®. My advice to any learner who do not know what to do to acquire a reputable Grade 12: Go for the GED®!

Joshua Sharpley

I decided to register for the GED® at the age of twenty-two to qualify for further studies in the USA, where I was born. I completed the GED® successfully after spending approximately four hours per day on my studies. I did not find the American history difficult. The wonderful thing is that I did not have to purchase any additional learning materials. I did not require any outside tutoring. The fact that I could work at my own pace and sit for the examinations when I felt prepared, was a bonus. I felt relaxed and the normal pre-examination anxiety and stress was missing. I would advise any potential GED® student: Take your time, work systematically and be a committed student. Embrace the GED® journey as I did!

Cassia Sharpley

Following the recommendations of my friends who have completed the GED® prior to the lockdown, GED® offered me the opportunity to complete my Grade 12 and to gain access to tertiary institutions, even under these limiting circumstances. My strict study schedule allowed me to complete the programme in under a year. The GED® gave me a chance to study at my own pace and write examinations when I felt ready. The GED® opened doors for me to follow my dream of studying medicine in the future and I have been accepted at the University of Science and Technology for a Bachelor of Science.


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