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NQF Level: 5
US ID: 0498 and 0499
The programme provides learners with the range of learning skills required to be able to perform a series of activities that form part of the moderation and quality assurance of learning outcomes. This covers skills such as planning the moderation, understanding policies and procedures, conducting the moderation and providing support and guidance to assessors as well as providing the relevant feedback through reporting protocols. Learners who will typically embark on this programme are individuals who have an interest in a career in education and training or are involved in training in the workplace and will conduct assessments within their fields of learning. This programme is intended for persons who have internal moderator roles within accredited institutions and organisations and/or persons with external moderator roles. The unit standard is primarily written for situations where these stakeholders have responsibilities relating to national assessment arrangements for unit standards registered on the National Qualifications Framework. However, the unit standard may also be met in other assessment contexts where assessment decisions are being made against prescribed and documented performance expectations and where the assessment involves a high degree of direct interaction between the assessor and the candidates. Credited individuals will also perform moderation functions on any examination-based summative assessment in which documented assessment requirements and criteria have been specified in a form other than as a registered unit standard. People credited with this unit standard are able to moderate assessment materials, verify assessment decisions, and follow moderation administration practices.
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The programme is offered over a period of four (4) days. Delivery includes facilitation of two (2) days incorporated into practical application of the skill on the job. Coaching and mentoring and practical assessments are conducted whilst the learners are integrated into functional areas in the workplace with defined roles, goals and responsibilities.

Knowledge assessments are conducted in the classroom under assessment conditions. Assignments and workplace documentation complement practical observations in the workplace environment. Some of the practical observations can be conducted in simulated environments. The assessments are designed in a way that integrate activities, thus demonstrating the learner’s competence against the outcomes and purpose of the programme on an integrated basis.

It is assumed that people seeking credit for this unit standard have considerable and prior experience in an assessment role, perhaps in making assessment decisions and/or in developing assessment materials. Minimum evidence requirements are the moderation of two sets of assessment materials for the same or different unit standards or continuous assessment events for summative decisions leading to certification, and four assessor decisions.